Jasco Electronics

What we do: Jasco Electronics Holdings (“Jasco”) is a South African company that delivers smart technologies across multiple disciplines such as telecommunications, Information Technology and the energy sector. The company has the in-house design, engineering and manufacturing capability to meet the demand of its customers and operates in South Africa and East Africa. Jasco is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with a market capitalization in the region of R60-million based on 2020 trading performance.

Ownership & Management: BEE partners, directors and employees 61.03% and Public shareholders 38.97% Jasco is governed by a board of directors which is assisted by an audit committee and is listed on JSE Altx.

Key financial indicators:

Client contact details: Tel: +27 11 266 1500 Email: info@jasco.co.za Website: www.jasco.co.za

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