AHL Venture Partners invests in Agri-Lab testing company in East Africa

AHL Venture Partners, an East African impact investor has invested in Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd (“Crop Nutrition”) with the participation of the Netherlands based DOB Equity. Crop Nutrition is an accredited agricultural laboratory services company which provides centralized laboratory testing to soil, water, plant and food safety. The company also has mobile soil testing platforms and feasibility services to farmers, investors and the public sector. The agricultural sector is dominated by small farmers which are estimated to produce at 75% of Kenyan output.

AHL Venture Partners is an impact focused African venture capital firm that has committed more than US$60 million to 35 businesses and funds. The investments are in 27 African countries which have resulted in the employment of 11,000 people and improved access to goods and services for over 10 million people.

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