What we do: Africado Ltd is a farmer of avocadoes in Northern Tanzania and is Tanzania’s largest grower and exporter of avocadoes. Africado has the most up to date technology installed in its processing facility that it sourced from Mafrodo which is a world leader in post-harvest and grading equipment. Africado was incorporated in 2007.

Ownership & Management: Africado was started in 2007 by Tanzanian entrepreneurs. Norfund provided 40% of the equity required for the expansion project in 2009. The company employs over 130 permanent and 120 seasonal jobs of which 50% are women.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. Since the certification of Africado’s farmers, new markets have been accessed for Tanzanian fruit, notable sales in the EU being to the Tesco and Waitrose supermarket chains. Africado has developed and grown a business from start up to becoming the largest fruit exporter in Tanzania producing and exporting avocado to the EU. The company works with over 2,000 small scale out-growers.

Track record: The company exports its produce to the EU and the Middle East via the Mombasa port. Africado has been expanded its farming community to 2,290 farmers planting over 50,000 avocado trees during the project period since 2009.

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