AH Vest Ltd

What we do: AH Vest is involved in the manufacturing and sale of food products and operates in South Africa. The company has two subsidiaries, All Joy Foods (Pty) Ltd and All Joy Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd. All Joy Foods Limited is a South African manufacturer of condiments and tomato sauce with the holding company being Eastern Trading (Pty) Ltd. Tin Can Man (Pty) Ltd which manufactures the cans required for the FMCG company is a 100% subsidiary of Eastern Trading (Pty) Ltd.

Ownership & Management: IE Darsot 79.2%, Public 20.8%. AH Vest is governed by a board which is assisted by an audit committee. There are 10 directors, of which 7 are executive and 3 are non-executive.

Key financial indicators: AH Vest revenue reflected an uptick of 14% to R177m due to increased production capacity and increased market share in value added brands that are found in the South African supermarkets. Management continues to improve production capacity with synergies from the Company’s controlling shareholder, the Eastern Trading Group.


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