Alpen Food Company

What we do: Alpen Food Company (Pty) Ltd has been manufacturing breakfast cereal since 1996. The company manufactures well-known brands known as Nutrific and Alpen Muesli Packs which are supplied in South Africa in the bulk of the existing retail outlets.

Ownership & Management: Alpen Food is 50% privately owned and 50% owned by Weetabix Ltd a UK manufacturer of popular Weetabix cereal biscuits and Alpen Mueslis. The company has a strong management team and support from its 50% shareholder in the UK.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. Alpen Food has strong market share in South Africa. The company enjoys support from its UK Parent, Weetabix which was recently acquired by a US company known as Post Holdings.

Track record: Since 1996 Alpen Food Company has manufactured and distributed the Nutrific brand which is well known in South Africa.

Client contact details: Tel: (+27) 21 506 3240 Email: Address: 1 Melck Street, Maitland, Cape Town, South Africa. Website:

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