What we do: Alphawave is a group of dynamic companies all operating in the world of tech, software and electronics and offer a wide range of technical services and products to clients from all industries with specific focus on software and electronics. The subsidiaries are EMSS Anthennas, Alphawave Moblie Network Services, Etse Electronics, Honeybee, Polymorph, Sozo Labs, Alphawave Ventures and Alphawave Properties. The company is made up of 165 people with more than 100 engineers, scientists and technicians. Alphawave has been in operation for 23 years.

Ownership & Management: Alphawave was founded by a Stellenbosch investor and entrepreneur Frans Meyer who has long standing experience in electronics engineering and software. The business has grown organically by adding different specialties and complementary services such as software, the Internet of Things and new technology.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. The group revenue is more than R150 million and growing rapidly given its acquisitions of additional products. Alphawave has invested R60m in other software based products like Honeybee which is a mobile solution for sales reps.

Track record: Alphawave is a well-established software and electronics company that is supported by 165 employees consisting of over 100 engineers, scientists and technicians. One of the group companies supplies the receivers that are used on South Africa’s Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project.

Contact details: Tel: (+27) 21 880 1880 Email: Address: 3 Meson Street, Technopark, Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa Website:

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