Background: Botswana is a small economy with GDP of $15 billion and a small population of 2.3 million people. The Botswana economy is stable with a strong democracy though the country lacks diversification as it relies on diamond mining revenues. Steps have been taken to beneficiate the diamond mining industry and also diversify to sectors such as tourism, beef exporting and financial services but the economy has remained reliant on the price tag of commodities.


Geo-Economic Structure: Botswana has a small population and therefore cannot punch too high on growth enhancing strategies that are labour intensive. GDP growth of 4% per annum has put the economy in the right space to diversify its economy, with the only remaining factor being political will. Botswana has an existing Industrial Development Policy is expected to achieve significant modernization of the economy the development of manufactured products. The government of Botswana would like to use a public-private partnership (PPP) structure to achieve this which provides great opportunities for investors in Africa

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