Emfuleni Voerkrale

What we do: Emfuleni Voerkrale (Pty) Ltd operates a 40 hectare sheep feedlot situated in 200 hectare farm in the Free State province. The company buys lamb weighing 30kg and feeds them until they reach 50kg in 60 days and thereafter sells the sheep to abattoirs. The average stock level is 4,000 sheep. Emfuleni Voerkrale was founded in 2013 and was funded by IDF Managers.

Ownership & Management: Emfuleni Voerkrale is 30% owned by IDF Managers and the remaining shareholding is with the founding partners Rosemary Noge and Mochele Noge. The company employs 22 people. The company is expanding operations to 8,000 sheep on average which will result in a rise in the staff complement.

Key financial indicators: Emfuleni Voerkrale reported turnover of R29 million with an EBITDA of R2.5 million in 2016. The business posted its first profit in 2016. Turner has roughly doubled each year and is expected to grow further given the projected rise in stock levels from 4,000 to 8,000.

Track record: Emfuleni Voerkrale has been in operation since 2013 and managed to secure a strong investor, IDF Managers. IDF Managers has assisted the company with acquisition of an electronic scale and the sheep now have radio frequency ID tags linked to the machine and data is sent to a computer via Bluetooth technology.

Contact details: Address: Liefsgekozen Farm, Frankfort District, Free State, South Africa.

Or contact us for free additional information at info@peafrinsights.co.za