Fenix International – Uganda

What we do: Fenix International is a venture-funded next-generation energy company with offices in East Africa and Silicon Valley. ReadyPay is the compny’s financial platform that allows customers to pay-to-own Fenix solar energy systems over time. The ReadyPay product enables customers to make payments from a mobile phone and receive a secure code to unlock access to solar power on a prepaid basis.

Ownership & Management: Fenix International is an owner managed company that was founded by Mike Lin and Brian Warshawsky. Mike Lin is a serial entrepreneur who previously founded Vestal Design, an award-winning design firm, and B.MINIMA, an eco-solutions company. He has also lectured environmental engineering and design at Stanford as well as social entrepreneurship at Yale. Brian Warshawsky was an early member of the Apple iPod operations team and was the operations lead for the development and introduction of the iPod mini.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. Fenix is one of the players solving the energy crisis that is currently affecting countries in East Africa. The company has reached 100,000 customers in Uganda. Its flagship solar power system, ReadyPay Power, is generating radical access to energy in Uganda where over 80% of people lack access to electricity. An estimated 600,000 people in Ugandan households are now benefiting from the 1.2 million watts of solar installed across the country.

Track record: Fenix is in partnership with MTN Uganda. Fenix estimates that more than 200,000 polluting kerosene lamps have been displaced by their product. With an estimated $23 billion spent per year on kerosene in Africa, the company will continue to bring safe affordable power to people who live off-grid.

Contact details: Email: support@fenixintl.com Address: Plot 11 Wampeywo Avenue, Kampala, Uganda. Website: www.fenixintl.com

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