Grain Carriers

What we do: Grain Carriers (Pty) Ltd is a private transport company that transports over 4 million tons of grain and other products annually. The trucks operate throughout South Africa, Namibia and the southern parts of Africa, including Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The company has been transporting grain for more than 24 years and has a strong track record as a reliable transporter.

Ownership & Management: Grain Carriers was established by two of the current directors, Hennie De Lange and Tom Terblanche in 1991. Initially the company transported mainly grain but soon evolved from a small business to one of the largest transporters of grain as well as various other market-related commodities in South Africa. Grain Carriers is a well-managed business that has great market positioning due to its reliability.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. The company’s effective fleet management is achieved and maintained by continuously servicing the fleet and the total number of fleet is 450. Grain Carriers also monitors its fleet 24 hours a day to check driver conduct, speed and road movement.

Track record: Grain Carriers has been in operation for over 25years reflecting longstanding experience in grain transportation. The company offers a good quality life to its drivers who have an on-site doctor to assist, overnight sleeping facilities and a driver’s training centre for continuous development.

Contact details: Tel: (+27) 11 693 6683 Email: Not available Address: 1 Mercedes Road, Aureus, Randfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa Website:

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