Innovative Solutions Group

What we do: The Innovative Solutions Group provides effective outsourced services and solutions in Staff outsourcing, Finance, Administration, Taxation, Accounting and Auditing, Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and Personal Protective Equipment. The group operates through its subsidiaries which are known as Innovative Staffing Solutions, Innovative Accounting Solutions, Innovative BEE Solutions and Innovative PPE Solutions. The group was founded in 2011 and expanded in size from a R32m revenue business over 4 years to a R780m revenue business.

Ownership & Management: Innovative Solutions Group was founded by Arnoux Mare who has won awards such as the Best Outsourcing Service Provider in Africa, Africa Leadership Awards 2017 and the CEO of the Year, Africa Leadership Awards 2017. The company is well-managed by a strong management team that has been able to see through the expansion of the business to its current size.

Key financial indicators: Innovative Solutions Group has expanded its operations from R32m in revenue over 4 years to a R780m revenue business currently. The company has ensured that each subject matter expert runs each division and the best way to do that was to purchase existing companies that already had a good managment team. Today there are 17 subsidiaries in the group as a whole. Some offer services to the Innovative Solutions Group client base and others primarily service Innovative Solutions Group. Innovative PPE Solutions was created because it made more financial sense for Innovative Solutions Group to source personal protective equipment for its 7,500 employees itself than to outsource this essential function to another company.

Track record: Innovative Solutions Group has been operating since 2011 and has amassed a strong track record in the staff management business. The company does not operate as a labour broker and therefore is not at risk of the South African laws on labour broking. The company now has offices nationwide within South Africa and subsidiary companies across various sectors including transport, engineering, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, retail, admin and labour.

Contact details: Tel: +27 12 010 0414 Address: Eros Road, Boardwalk Office Park, Faerie Glen Pretoria, South Africa Website:

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