Joint Medical Holdings

What we do: Joint Medical Holdings (JMH Group) is hospital group that operates 4 hospitals and a nursing college in the KwaZulu Natal province. The hospitals offer quality care at affordable costs to a large segment of the population that is located around the inner city.

Ownership & Management: JMH Group privately majority black owned hospital group that is contracted with all the leading medical insurance schemes in South Africa. The company was launched by a group of visionary medical practitioners led by the chairman, Dr Ramesh Bhoola.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. JMH Group is valued at R3 billion. The company operates the City Hospital, Durdoc Hospital, Maxwell Clinic, Isipingo Hospital, Ascot Hospital and the Gandhi Mandela Nursing Academy. The company is expanding its operations in South Africa to improve the healthcare system that suffers from the loss of skilled doctors and nurse as they choose to work abroad.

Track record: JMH Group has a group of private hospitals that have a good track record and lower cost for its customers. The company has over 300 doctors in its hospitals.

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