Lodox Systems

What we do: Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd provides medical imaging solutions to trauma, emergency and forensic medical professionals. The company produces the Xmplar-DR which is a full body digital X-ray device. The machine produces an X-ray in 13 seconds with a tenth of the X-ray dose to the patient.

Ownership & Management: Lodox Systems was initially majority owned by the founders but is now 93.4% owned by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC). The IDC has invested R182 million in the business including a R30 million revolving credit facility.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. The company turnover was R70 million in 2015 and the turnover rose from a level of R1 million in 2009. The company is valued at R99 million in 2016 and employs 36 people. The IDC provided the early funding mechanism for this company which has now reached a bankable commercial stage.

Track record: The sales pipeline is strong with Lodox Systems as it has negotiated its national order for the local market and is growing internationally in specifically the US, Middle East and South East Asia. The first institution to buy this product was the Red Cross.

Contact details: Tel: (+27) 11 444 9118 Website: info@lodox.com Address: 7 Dartfield Rd. Kramerville, Johannesburg, South Africa. Website: http://lodox.com