Mauvilac Industries – Mauritius

What we do: Mauvilac Industries Ltd is a paint manufacturer based in Mauritius and develops many different type of household paints. The company was established in 1964. Roland Maurel Senior, the founder of Mauvilac Industries turned the 100% Mauritian paint into the national brand it currently is in Mauritius.

Ownership & Management: Mauvilac was founded by Roland Maurel Senior and has been managed by a great management team over the years. The company has remained a family business. Mauvilac has a fully independent research & development department with strategic partnerships ensuring knowledge and know-how transfer and constantly follows the world’s paint industry progress for significant innovations.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. The company’s Mauvilac products are developed targeting the same objective of the best quality to price ratio. Mauvilac paints cover all surface types such as cement, wood, metal and provide an extensive choice of decorative paints and in every possible colour.

Track record: Mauvalic has the largest market share in the Mauritius paint industry. The company has concept stores in Mauritius that are used to showcase all paint products available to customers.

Contact details: Tel: +230 206 4700 Email: Address: Mauvilac Industries Ltd, Pailles Road, Les Pailles, Republic of Mauritius. Website:

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