Midvaal Private Hospital

What we do: Midvaal Private Hospital (Pty) Ltd is a specialized private hospital in the Vereeniging area which offers a premium care to its patients. The facilities meet the highest standards set by the international medical community complemented by state-of-the-art equipment and specialist doctors in many specialized medical functions.

Ownership & Management: Midvaal is owned by a group of specialist doctors that work in the hospital and are therefore aligned to its success. The company has a strong executive team that has managed the hospital over long period.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. Midvaal Private Hospital is a strong hospital with well-run operations and distributes dividends to its owner doctors every year. Private hospitals have the advantage of guaranteed income from medical aids that most customers who use private hospitals have and the general ability to keep stable revenues in a growth and recessionary period.

Track record: Midvaal is a private hospital that operates in a highly defensive industry

Client contact details: Tel: (+27) 16 454 6000 Email: info@mphmidvaal.com Address: 1 Nile Drive, Three Rivers, Vereeniging, South Africa

Or contact us for free additional information at info@peafrinsights.co.za