Mobipay – Namibia

What we do: Mobicash Payment Solutions (Pty) Ltd [“Mobipay”] is a mobile payment solutions provider which was founded in 2009 and licensed by the Bank of Namibia in 2010. Mobipay offers mobile wallets, card issuing and cardless transactions. Its clients include banks, financial institutions, retailers and corporates. The business is scalable as it was the first company to offer mobile payment solutions in the Namibian market within a fast growing industry.

Ownership & Management: Mobipay is 31.4% owned by IJG Capital and the remaining shareholding is with the founders of the company. The company was licensed by the Bank of Namibia in 2010 as a Payment Instrument Issuer as well as a non-bank participant in the national clearing and settlement system. Mobipay has a strong management team with a management structure of directors and non-executive directors.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. Mobipay’s business model is highly scalable and its service offering of mobile payment solutions was a first in the Namibian market. The company processes about 1 million transactions monthly through channels such as mobile phone USSD, apps, self-service kiosks and interfaces to retailers and banks.

Track record: Mobipay has significant market share in Namibia as it processes one million transactions in a country that has 2.1 million people. Services have been extended to Angola, Zambia and Tanzania.

Contact details: Tel: +264 61 245554 Email: Address: 49 Nelson Mandela Avenue, Windhoek, Namibia. Website:

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