Namsov Fishing Enterprises

What we do: Namsov Fishing Enterprises (Pty) Ltd is a fishing company built on the existing marine and commercial legislation, acts and regulations that provided a conducive business environment. The company now employs 649 people and has investments with a current value of N$1.1 billion. The subsidiaries of the company are Namsov Fishing, United Fishing, Tetelestai and Pesca Fresca.

Ownership & Management: Namsov is owned by the following group of companies: Bidvest 36,277%, Namibian public 22,52%, Other Namibian shareholders in Bidvest Namibia 10,752%, Namsov Community Trust 10%, Henties Bay Fishing 5,525%, Oshakati Fishing 4,975%, Khomas Fishing 4,975%, Prestige Fishing 4,975%. Namsov is led by an experienced management team with a proven track record of delivering growth strategies in the fisheries industry.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. The company has investments with a current value of N$1.1 billion and is supported by a strong institutional investor. Namsov is well placed gain strong market share in other parts of Africa given its efficiencies in fisheries.

Track record: Namsov has a large market share in Namibia and majority owned by Bidvest which is one of the largest general services business in Africa. The company employs 649 people.

Contact details: Tel: +264 64 2199 00 Email: Address: No. 1 Fifth Street East Walvis Bay, Namibia. Website:

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