Beyond Capital Fund provides US$12-million equity funding to Viebeg Technologies

Beyond Capital Fund has provided US$12-million in equity funding to Viebeg Technologies, a Rwandan based healthtech company that provides high-quality medical and dental supplies at the most competitive prices in Central and East Africa through an innovative procurement platform. The company uses AI solutions to optimise medical supply networks in hard to serve markets. The company was established in 2018 by Tobias Reiter and Alex Musyoka, which now serves over 400 customers and still in expansion phase due to opportunities in the Central and East Africa region.

Beyond Capital Fund is a non-profit impact investment fund that supports early-stage social enterprises throughout India, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. The main sector focus areas are healthcare, agriculture, food security and financial inclusion. The fund also considers funding for businesses delivering clean energy access, waste and sanitation. The fund has realized strong returns in its portfolio of companies that typically reflect high annual revenue growth. Beyond Capital Fund has reach to more than 20-million people living under the poverty line, including 14-million women and has invested in Redwing, Numida, Kasha, Karma Healthcare, Bodhi Health Education and East Africa Fruits among others.

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