Brimstone pays R36m (US$2.4m) to increase its stake in Obsidian Health to 80%

Brimstone, a listed investment holding company, paid R36 million (US$2.4 million) to increase its stake in Obsidian Health from 25% to 80%. Obsidian Health is private company that supplies innovative healthcare equipment and medical devices to private and public hospitals in South Africa and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. The company typically provides equipment for cardiology, cardiovascular, theatre, ICU, High Care as well as Point of Care diagnostic testing. Obsidian Health was established 30 years ago and has medical equipment that is well regarded in the healthcare sector.

Brimstone is a South African investment holding company that invests in wealth creating businesses and employs 3,400 people through its various subsidiaries such as Sea Harvest, a well known fish trader. Brimstone is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange with a current market cap of R1.7 billion.

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