PharmaGo launches app that facilitates delivery of pharmacy medication (South Africa)

PharmaGo, a South Africa startup, has launched a mobile app that facilitates same-day and next-day deliveries of essential and over-the-counter medication. PharmaGo is now operating on Android and iOS app stores depending on the cellphone used by each consumer. Prescription medication is send directly to the pharmacist which ensures that there is prescription confidentiality in the model and payments can be processed through a medical aid submission, credit card or debit card.

The startup was established by Raees Carim and is expected to grow exponentially given the size of the pharmacy market in South Africa, due to the need for this service in retired communities. The mobile app also provides convenience to busy workers who do not have the time to queue in pharmacy outlets on business days. PharmaGo has partnered with 73-pharmacies across South Africa where it will provide the free delivery service to consumers within their range.

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