Stepping up: Can oil companies be the champions of Net Zero?

Join Frontier Live for the Stepping Up: Can Oil Companies be the Champions of Net Zero?  Webinar on Thursday, 25 June 2020, 14:00 – 15:15 (British Summer Time). Speakers will discuss the question of whether oil companies can be the champions of net zero and whether it is time we saw a stepping up from the industry on commitments and investments towards a net zero future.

Key discussion points:

  • As industries reduce dependency on fossil fuels, is it time for oil companies to proactively invest in clean energy?
  • How has the disruption seen from COVID-19 and low price oil impacted the energy transition momentum?
  • Why are oil and gas companies not leading investments in clean energy technologies and projects?
  • Is funding the main barrier to developing technologies such as carbon capture, usage and storage (CCUS)?
  • Do governments need to provide more incentives and support for net zero investment?
  • How can collaboration be improved across industry, governments and regulators to accelerate?
  • What now for COP26? What would be a good outcome from COP26 UK after an inconclusive Summit in Madrid?
  • What are the net zero success stories and how should the oil and gas industry be behaving?
  • What are the opportunities for the oil business? Is this a chance for a much needed and over-due re-brand of the IOC’s from oil and fossil fuels to energy company?

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