The founder of Leaph launches new niche search engine platform, Query

A Zimbabwean startup, Query, has launched a search engine that provides a platform for people to share niche knowledge with each other. Query was made live in February 2020 and will operate in a similar sector to Reddit, Quora, and Stack Overflow where people are provided a platform to share relevant personal and professional information.

Query was established in July 2019 by Nick Nyaumwe, an entrepreneur who believes the sector for niche content search engine still has more runway. Nick Nyaumwe previously founded Leaph which is an education technology startup from Zimbabwe making waves with its academic management system that facilitates educational institutions with a suite of tools to monitor and improve student academic performance using data science and machine-learning. The new startup, Query, also functions with machine-learning algorithms that at are able to organise information within the site. Query intends to monetise the site through online advertising.

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