TLG Capital exits its successful investment in BAJ Stations Uganda

TLG Capital has exited its investment in BAJ Stations Uganda at above 30% internal rate of return after it initially invested in the company in 2017. The company manages service stations based in Uganda which are typically along highways. The operations have expanded from 5 to 40 services stations in a period of 4 years. The exit amount or the equity portion of the facility exited was not disclosed.

TLG Capital is an impact investor that believes that social development and commercial returns can be concurrent. The firm’s Credit Opportunities Fund was specifically set up to support quality African small to medium enterprises with limited partners such as the Swedfund. The fund provides innovative debt funding solutions, strong collateral, a wide network, a strong investment team, equity kickers, protections, negative controls and captures the growing ubanisation and consumerism in Africa. The Credit Opportunities Fund provides funding to retail, fintech and telecoms companies in diverse regions within Africa and currently has loans outstanding of US$303-million.

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