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What we do: Trianon BTP Gabon is a construction company that is based in Gabon and is managed by a young team of Gabonese professionals. Trianon fills the gap of the local construction market of medium sized contracts and offers the same high standards as the largest contractors. By August 2013, The company had already grown to revenues of €1 million and considered a major actor on the market for private and public clients The company began it operations in 2012.

Ownership & Management: The company was founded by two Gabonese construction professionals, one of them being Folly Koussawo who graduated from Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (top-leading French school and world oldest civil engineering university) in Real Estate Management. He was Program Manager at Kaufman & Board, one of the largest French Real Estate promoters and managed the construction of near 4000 houses within a local state housing program. Trianon received funding a private equity investor in 2014 known as Investissuers & Partenaires which currently hold 30% shareholding in the company. The company has 25 employees who are well regarded in the Gabon construction industry.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. Trianon BTP is a strong revenue generating company with revenues above €1 million per annum and strong base of private and public customers within the country. The company is currently expanding its capabilities in the feasibility stage of construction projects and is also growing its reach outside of the borders.

Track record: Trianon has completed contracts for the National Real Estate Company, French Ministry of Defense and the French Foreign Ministry. The company has a clear track record in the construction industry.

Contact details: Tel: +241 44 15 93 Email: Address: Quartier Camp de Gaulle, Alibandeng, Gabon Website:

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