Background: Tunisia is a sizable economy in North Africa with GDP in the region of $42 billion based on World Bank estimates and has a population of 11 million people. The country is a major exporter of electrical appliances and crude oil with over 80% of exports destined for European markets. The table below reflects Tunisia’s main areas of trade by product percentage for interested investors to the country (source: UNCTAD):


Geo-Economic Structure: Tunisia has a large domestic market and strong positioning between Africa and the Middle East. The political transition of government has been stable compared to the other regions in its borders. Tunisia is supported by the IMF program which is expected to run until 2020. The Arab spring was mainly caused by the high unemployment of the youth and tensions are still there but at a declining rate. The economic recovery in Europe will have a positive impact on growth as 50% of tourists are from Europe and 80% of trade is with European markets. The economy has been growing at an average of 1% per annum.

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