Universal Industries Corporation


What we do: Universal Industries Corporation (Pty) Ltd is manufacturer and distributor of commercial food preparation and storage equipment mainly to the food retail, wholesale, hospitality, manufacturing and related industries, i.e. supermarkets, bakeries, petrol station convenience stores, fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels, wholesalers, institutional, industrial and government kitchens, bottlers and brewers, refrigeration and catering contractors. The group consists of eight separate market leading businesses supplying both long-term and relatively shorter life capital equipment to the defensive food services sector both in South Africa and the rest of Africa. Its product range includes refrigerated and hot display cases, commercial ovens, commercial kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils and industrial cookware. The company was established in 1996.

Ownership & Management: The business has an excellent management team and two of the three founders remain materially invested and actively engaged in the business. The founders and management team have a track record of growing the business both organically and through value accretive acquisitions. The business has grown organically by adding different and complementary products or adding different brands to its existing offering. Acquisitions have played an important role in the group’s history with five of the group’s businesses acquired in the last six years.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. The company’s subsidiaries export to over 65 countries across the world with a concentration to Sub-Saharan Africa. Exports currently account for about 25% of the group’s turnover. Recent investments in Nigeria and Kenya provide the platform for continued growth in West and East Africa. The company has a large employee complement of 1400 staff.

Track record: Universal was incorporated in 1996 and has well established businesses of which some of the acquired businesses have a history of more than 100 years. The company supplies a diverse range of blue chip clients in the local and international markets. The group has a number of production facilities and offices nationwide and employs 1400 staff.

Contact details: Tel: (+27) 10 020 2110 Email: info@uniind.co.za Website: www.universalindustries.co.za

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