Wooltru Healthcare

What we do: Wooltru Healthcare is a registered medical scheme in terms of the Medical Schemes Act. The current participating employers are Truworths and Woolworths. The medical aid fund provides cover to for a wide range of medical services, prescribed medication and medical events such as hospitalisation and surgery. The company was founded in 1936.

Ownership & Management: Wooltru was acquired by PBT Group (SA) (Pty) Limited in a reverse merger transaction in 2010. The company has a good management team with experience in the medical aid industry.

Key financial indicators: Not provided. Wooltru has strong and large participating employers which are Truworths and Woolworths. These main clients are listed on the JSE and have a large staff complement that have the ability to sustain the premiums of the medical aid business.

Track record: Wooltru has longstanding experience in healthcare as it has been in operation since 1936 with participating partners who use the medical aid scheme.

Client contact details: Tel: (+27) 21 480 4849 Email: wooltruenquiries@mhg.co.za Website: www.wooltruhealthcarefund.co.za

Or contact us for free additional information at info@peafrinsights.co.za