Actis invests in the Nile University of Nigeria through Honoris United Universities

Actis has invested in the Nile University of Nigeria through its subsidiary known as Honoris United Universities. The Nile University of Nigeria is a fully accredited university that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Engineering, Health Sciences, Arts, Law, Management Sciences, Natural and Applied Sciences. The Honoris United Universities has a network of 11 institutions in 10 countries and 32 cities in Africa.

Actis is a large private equity investor in growth markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America. The firm was established in 2004 and has over the period raised US$15-billion. Actis employs over 200 people working across 16 offices globally.  Actis has deployed capital to over 70 companies around the world and contributes to the employment of over 116,500 people. The stake acquired and the amount invested was not disclosed.

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