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PEafrinsights was proud to be a partner to the AfricaCom conference and exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa. The organisation of the event was impressive. The programme was coherent and had a wide array of panel discussions to attend. Africa unfortunately remains behind with regards to the deployment of technology for implementation of mechanised work according to discussions in the conference. The panels provided insights into a vision in which technology can be integrated sustainably into African lifestyle and economic activity to enhance development on the continent.

There remains untapped potential in Africa’s productive capacity with the reality of resistance in embracing the 4th Industrial Revolution. The ‘fear factor’ is that jobs will be lost and skills will become redundant which may have social ramifications on the livelihood of African families. Panellists at AfricaCom provided an alternative argument, such as the positive impact of introducing new jobs as well as an increase in productivity. In South Africa, a country with high unemployment rates (at 29%) and income inequality rates, technology may improve lives. The reality however, is that eventually every job imaginable will eventually be integrated into some form of technology whether it be medical practices, farming or education and if used ethically, technology can enhance the outcomes of all these activities.

Please find AfricaCom on YouTube to get more insights and highlights on technology enhancement in Africa as discussed at the 2019 event.


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