African telecoms sector indicates key challenges for investors in Africa

A panel discussion with some African network providers at AfricaCom 2019 highlighted the issues they face in providing the African population with the network, citing concerns beyond actually getting connection installed for people to have access to the internet. Once network connection has been provided, there is a knowledge gap in respect of productive use which results in the network connection being used for videos and social media platforms. All the information that is pursued by users leans towards leisure based activities. Therefore, training has to be given on how to best utilise the connectivity to enrich lives, small businesses and enhance contribution to economic growth.

The 5G network in Africa will help enhance broadband services for the user. African network providers believe that even remote rural areas in Africa need to have 5G and there are companies that are interested in making this a reality. A company called Loon currently supplies internet access to remote locations with balloon lifted satellites.

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