Cairo based Shahry has raised US$650,000 from EGBank

Shahry, an Egyptian artificial intelligence based credit-scoring engine has raised US$650,000 from an Egyptian bank known as EGBank. The platform enables users to apply for virtual credit through its mobile app, which can be used to purchase products from different online stores. The platform was developed in 2019 by Sherif El Rakabawy and Mohamed Ewis and their product has already attracted seed capital funding from a financial services institution.

EGBank is an Egyptian bank established in 1981 and has contributed to creating successful market leaders in different sectors as well as adding value to the Egyptian market. The bank was created by Salah Mahmoud, Gawad Bu Khamseen, Fahd El Shobokshy, Abdel Rahman El Sharbatly and Misr Insurance. EGBank is listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

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