CDC supports Africa based projects with US$400 million of funding

CDC Group, the UK government owned impact investor has secured private equity partnerships in its funding of US$400 million of African projects. The funds will be provided to African banks that support small and medium businesses with high growth potential. Below are the significant African companies that will be funded by CDC:

  • $100 million trade finance loan to ABSA (based in South Africa)
  • $100 million credit line to CIB of Egypt
  • $75 million trade finance to Trade and Development Bank (based in Kenya)
  • $10 million debt finance to Mettle Solar Africa (South Africa and Namibia solar projects)
  • $28 million equity to Mediterrania Capital (based in North and West Africa)
  • $20 million equity to Adiwale Capital (based in West Africa)
  • $20 million equity to Verod Capital (based in Africa)
  • $20 million equity to Metier Capital (based in South Africa)
  • $15 million equity to Capital (based in Kenya)

CDC Group is a development finance institution that invests in Africa and South Asia in sectors such as financial services, infrastructure, health, manufacturing, food and agriculture, construction and real estate and education. CDC Group is wholly owned by the UK Government through the Department for International Development (DFID).

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