Ceniarth lends US$2 million to 4G Capital

Ceniarth LLC has provided debt funding of US$2 million to 4G Capital which has concluded a fund raising round of US$4 million. 4G Capital is private lender established in 2013 with a loan book of $90 million. Current revenue growth of over 90% reflects the company’s success after providing loans to over 60,000 small and medium businesses. The funding will be used to lend to its customer base of small and medium businesses operating in Kenya and Uganda.

Ceniarth LLC is a UK based single family office focused on funding market-based solutions that benefit under-served communities. The family office was founded in 2013 by Diane Isenberg and operates in conjunction with the Isenburg Family Charitable Foundation. Ceniarth has the ability to leverage program-related investments, grants and provide unrestricted investment capital.

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