Data & Analytics Virtual Summit – West Africa, to take place in July 2020

PEafrinsights is proud to partner with MarTech Vibes in its Data & Analytics Virtual Summit – West Africa. Data and analytics are central to how modern organisations and governments take decisions and execute plans. Online retailers, companies, governments and tech giants are investing millions in ramping up their ability to collect and analyse data.

In these unprecedented times, when companies are struggling to adapt, it becomes all the more important to use data-driven models for decision-making. Data & Analytics Virtual Summit – West Africa to be held on the 15th -16th of July 2020 as a virtual conference will be the largest event focused on Data and Analytics aimed to empower African businesses and government entities to capitalise on the data and turn them into insights that drive growth.

It will help African ministries and large enterprises develop an understanding of how data-driven models can improve decision-making. They will learn how to extract insights from data to shape policy.

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