Data and its new position as the most valuable resource – Data & Analytics Virtual Summit West Africa

Data has officially overtaken crude oil as the most valuable resource in the world. Insights gained from data analysis are increasingly used to guide better decision-making for governments and businesses. In West Africa, the potential of data to improve governance is just beginning to make itself felt with the rise of mobile connectivity, the Internet of Things and accessible satellite data, a more complete picture of the continent and its people is possible.

MarTech Vibe invites you to the Data & Analytics Virtual Summit -West Africa, to be held online on July 15-16. It will cover crucial aspects of how big data and analytics can help government services, ministries, and large organisations in West Africa harness their data and identify new opportunities.

The event will cover crucial regional issues such as:-

  • Data Virtulisation for today’s CDO
  • The prominence of Data As A Service- DaaS
  • Key insights into setting up a Data Office and deploying a formal strategy across various structures
  • Taking your CX to the next level with Real-Time Analytics and Continuous Intelligence

Scheduled over two days, the event already has over 700+ CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, CMOs, Data and Analytics professionals from top enterprises across West Africa. PEafrinsights is glad to support this event. For more information you can log in to the official website or email

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