Funding challenges for the oil and gas sector

Join Frontier Live for the Funding Challenges for the Oil & Gas Sector Webinar on Thursday, 11 June 2020, 14:00 – 14:45 (British Summer Time). Speakers will discuss global volatility and the impact on funding for the oil and gas sector, highlighting the specific challenges of funding large projects through to pure exploration activity. Before the pandemic, investment was walking out the door towards green energy investments and now more than ever, funding is a challenge for the oil & gas sector.

Key discussion Points are:

  • What impact has global volatility had on E&P companies and funding for exploration and appraisal, development and production and portfolio expansion?
  • What about funding for larger projects, like Mozambique? Is this secure?
  • What are the trends, challenges and opportunities we are seeing around funding for the oil & gas sector?
  • Will private equity funding be available post-COVID?
  • What activity can we expect in coming months/ years with acquisitions and divestments?
  • What factors affect international funding for exploration?
  • How important is ESG in emerging markets?
  • Will we see more M&A in the coming years as a result of the disruption?
  • What other challenges will the oil & gas sector face post-crisis?

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