How can African companies be supported through Trade Finance?

It is a known fact that trade finance is a difficult product to use in Africa as investors and banks are not willing to support cross-border partnerships due to a lack of publicly available information about the African private sector as a whole. The lack of information has a negative impact on the free flow of cross-border business among African countries.

So what is the solution? Information! Information that can be sourced quickly from at least five databases that all stakeholders can use. We say five databases because good quality information on African local companies requires robust competitive information providers. Once an investor or bank has at least three sources of objective analysis on an African company, decisions can be made quickly on what type of trade finance solution a company needs.

So why will these companies provide this information on their business… Entrepreneurs already understand that a brand in hiding is not a brand. Cross-border trade requires a certain level of maturity and transparency. Investors and banks will not make decisions based on a hunch. PEafrinsights provides pre-due diligence information on African companies for investors, banks and related stakeholders in order to open up the African market for trade and investment.


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