Impact investor AgDevCo provides $5 million to a consortium of macadamia producers

AgDevCo is providing a facility of US$5 million in partnership with Root Capital to a consortium of macadamia processors and exporters. The largest processor is Afrimac, a company that was established in 2012 and now reaches over 5,000 tonnes of macadamia purchased per year. Other members of the consortium are Sagana Nuts, The Village Nut and Jumbo Nut. All processing facilities are located in Kenya’s prime macadamia producing areas in the central counties. The facility provided by AgDevCo will enable the consortium to buy nuts from 21,000 smallholder farmers to be processed into shelled kernels for export.

AgDevCo is an impact investor specializing in agribusiness investments in Sub-Sahara Africa. AgDevCo’s portfolio consists of over 50 investments in production, processing and distribution. AgDevCo is headquartered in London with representative offices in Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana and Sierra Leone.

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