Onomo launches new hotel in Maputo, Mozambique

Onomo Hotels has opened a new hotel in Mozambique (December 2019), bringing its network in Southern Africa to 10 hotels. With a population estimated at 28 million, the economy has immense natural gas reserves and substantial oil reserves that are still being explored and the rapidly urbanizing population offers growth and a possibly new middle income population in the future. The hotel is based in Avenida 25 de Setembro, within the Maputo city precinct and business center.

Onomo Hotels was founded by the Luxembourg based Ruggieri family, an investor in African hospitality. The Ruggieri family founded Batipart Invest in the 1980s, which is invested in real-estate (managed by Nicolas Ruggieri), hotels (managed by Julien Ruggieri), tourism (managed by Claire Ruggieri) and a foundation (managed by Marriane Ruggieri).. All the segments of the organisation are managed by family members.

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