Outlierz Ventures has invested in a spectrum of African startups (WaystoCap, Asoko Insights, Sokowatch and MaxAB)

Moroccan venture capital fund Outlierz Ventures has invested in five startups which are WaystoCap (Moroccan based business to business e-commerce), Asoko Insights (West African based corporate data and analytics), Sokowatch (Kenyan based e-commerce), Tousfacteurs (France based last mile courier) and MaxAB (Egyptian based e-commerce). The Asoko Insight transaction was concluded in April 2018, Sokowatch in July 2018 and the MaxAB transaction was finalized in March 2019.

Outlierz Ventures is a Moroccan venture capital fund that typically invests in tech-enabled companies that solve market challenges with a scalable business model in key industries across Africa. The fund invests up to $500,000 to start-up companies and thereafter provides milestone based follow-up funding of up to $1 million. Outlierz Ventures is focused on opportunities in Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.


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