Silvertree Holdings invests in South African based SKOON

Silvertree Holdings has invested in SKOON, a natural skincare company founded by South African engineer, Stella Ciolli. The investment will be used to expand the company’s operations in the production of natural and non-toxic skincare products which are typically sold via its website as well as retailers such as Faithful to Nature and Wellness Warehouse. SKOON was on the radar of investors due to its ability to have created a competitive offering of non-toxic solution for all skin problems.

Silvertree Holdings is a holding and operating company based in South Africa that creates, launches, operates and invests in early- and mid-stage companies targeting the South African and Sub-Saharan African markets. The company is invested in upcoming tech companies known as Ucook, CarZar, PriceCheck, Faithful to Nature and CyberCellar among others. The company was established in 2014 and has maintained a rapid growth trajectory. The amount invested or stake acquired in SKOON was undisclosed

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