The PIC and Pelo Agricultural Ventures agree to buy a stake in Karan Beef for R5.2 billion

The Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and Pelo Agricultural Ventures have agreed to acquire a significant stake in Karan Beef for R5.2 billion. The Karan Beef farm accommodates 150,000 head of cattle making Karan Beef the largest feedlot in South Africa. Situated just south of Johannesburg, South Africa the Heidelberg based farm adapted to the changing needs of its customers over the last 25 years. The company has purchased three adjoining farms to increase the overall size of the farm to 2,330ha allowing it to accommodate the growing feedlot as well as the evolution of facilities into a fully integrated business unit. The company purchases calves between 7 and 12 months of age after which are collected and transported to the feedlot via a private fleet of trucks. PEafrinsights has previously provided free pre-due diligence information to investors on Karan Beef 2 years ago.


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