Mozambique 6th Licensing Round Launch

The National Petroleum Institute (INP), representing the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, is pleased to announce the launch of the Mozambique 6th Licensing Round for newly defined blocks, offshore Mozambique, which will take place on 25th November 2021. For this Licence Round, 16 new blocks have been defined for exploration and production, spread over 4 distinct areas, all offshore, comprising more than 92,000 square kilometres.

All national and international companies interested in participating in this tender are invited to register and submit the pre-qualification documents, models of which will be made available post announcement on the dedicated website for the Mozambique 6th Licensing Round and can be accessed from the INP website All bids will be evaluated based on a set of standard criteria.

Those interested in participating in the tender launching ceremony, which starts at 10.00am Central African Time (CAT) on 25th November 2021, may do so via this link. Places are limited so do not delay in reserving your position.

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