Rwanda, the African tiger in the making – a case of simple things being done right?

Rwanda has maintained its position as high growth country by doing the simple things that other African countries including those in Rwanda’s borders see as complex to do. The World Bank placed Rwanda in the 67th position on Ease of Doing Business Index. Starting up a business, registering property, paying taxes and enforcing contracts are all getting easier which is pretty much getting the simple things done right. The Rwanda Development Board says it will simplify the issuance of land and building permits and promises to work with the East African Trade Community to address red tape and non-tariff barriers. Rwanda’s drive for private sector investment to transform the agricultural economy into a regional hub for ICT, tourism and financial services is well on target. Foreign direct investment increased by 40% to $1.1bn in 2009 and is expected to rise 20% this year. According to the World Bank, between 2001 and 2015 real GDP growth averaged 8% per annum.


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