PEafrinsights partners with Dataxis (based in France)

PEafrinsights has partnered with Dataxis, a company that provides analytics and online database services for in depth indicators on worldwide TV and Telecom markets. Dataxis follows more than 2000 operators, broadcasters, video platforms and technology vendors on a quarterly basis. The company is based in France and manages an events ecosystem in Africa, Europe and South America. PEafrinsights will join the Dataxis’ Nextv CEO Africa event (

PEafrinsights is a pipeline, insights and transaction advisory firm based in South Africa with reach across the African continent. PEafrinsights has dedicated analysts that are strategically placed for on-the-ground analysis of companies with potential for alternative / private equity investment. PEafrinsights also invests in some of the high potential ventures in order to support the expansion of exponential African companies.

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